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We are proud to present our distinguished keynote Speakers:
Joseph E. StiglitzPeter NijkampJan Svejnar

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 11th International conference “Challenges of Europe” organized by the Faculty of Economics, University of Split, under the auspices of His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Croatia.

Over the last two decades, this biennial conference has become an important place of encounter between scholars and practitioners from different countries, cultures and backgrounds discussing contemporary economic issues regarding Europe as an important global player as well as the issues within the European economic system itself, facing various changes in a dynamic environment.

Serving as a platform for an economic dialogue, the Conference has gathered more than 1,400 authors with over 1,100 papers from more than 55 countries all over the world.

Professor Željko Garača
Faculty of Economics in Split

The aim of the International conference “Challenges of Europe” continues to be putting the European economy and its role into focus especially now when global economy is troubled and recovery slow and weak. Sustained structural reforms aimed at enhancing competitiveness will be necessary for countries to stabilize economic growth and ensure the rising prosperity of their populations going into the future. The mission of this 11th International Conference “Challenges of Europe: Growth, Competitiveness and Inequality is to foster knowledge transfer and benchmark the factors underpinning new competitiveness and growth in the modern challenging economic environment. At same time we believe that the idea of inequality is complex phenomena that is far from exhausted. In fact, it is main challenge, not only because it represent social challenge but also because it could be recognized as important issue for overcoming the obstacles hampering local, national and global economies.

Plenary sessions, attractive guest speakers, presentations of papers and working papers, panels etc. will be organized in order to ensure that the most novel and cutting edge research findings receive the greatest exposure and to provide maximum opportunity for presentation  by young researchers.

Apart from generating new scientific and practitioner collaborations and bringing into focus some “old” ones, the 11th International Conference: “Challenges of Europe” will surely be both intellectually and culturally satisfying, especially having in mind that the Conference “Challenges of Europe” is proud to be recognized as a distinguished “Conference of Soul” by a large number of participants who repeatedly attend it due to the fact that the participants are considered above all as friends and colleagues.

We sincerely look forward to your participation.

Dobrodošli! - Welcome!