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Invitation to guest lecture: Economic Impacts of Cross-Border Migration

16. ožujka 2017. | Studij

Title of Lecture: Economic Impacts of Cross-Border Migration

Time and Place: Thursday, 23.3.2017, 18:15 h, classroom: D1, University of Split, Faculty of Economics

Lecturer:  Peter Nijkamp

Target groups: Ph.D. students, young post-docs and researchers 

Peter Nijkamp is emeritus Professor in regional and urban economics and in economic geography at the VU University, and connected to the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm (Sweden) and A. Mickiewicz University, Poznan (Poland). He is member of editorial/advisory boards of more than 30 journals. According to the RePec list he belongs to the top-30 of well-known economists world-wide. He is also a fellow of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences, and past vice-president of this organization. He has served as president of the governing board of the Netherlands Research Council (NWO). In 1996, he was awarded the most prestigious scientific prize in the Netherlands, the Spinoza award.