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Invitation to guest lecture: E-services as a support tool for urban tourism

16. ožujka 2017. | Studij

Title of Lecture: E-services as a support tool for urban tourism

Time and Place: Thursday, 23.3.2017, 16:15 h, classroom: D1, University of Split, Faculty of Economics

Lecturer:  Karima Kourtit 

Target groups: Graduate students, young post-docs and researchers 

Karima Kourtit is post-doc researcher at KTH (with a double Ph.D. degree both in economics and geography (with distinction)), with a profound interest in regional and urban topics. Her main research interest focuses on the emerging ‘New Urban World’. Her main scientific research is in the field of creative industries, urban development, cultural heritage, digital technology, and strategic performance management. Lately, she has been involved in the implementation of national and international research projects and initiatives. Furthermore, she has been involved as a guest editor of several books and many international journals, and has published a wide array of scientific papers, articles, special issues of journals and edited volumes in the field of geography and the spatial sciences.