Vol.22. No.1.


Journal of Contemporary Management Issues
Vol. 22. (2017.)

Special issue:Selected papers, presented at the
12th International Conference
"Challenges of Europe"

Table of contents


Nikša Alfirević
Editorial to the Special Issue of the Management Journal, dedicated to the 12th International Conference "Challenges of Europe"
Pfeifer Sanja
Peterka Sunčica
Stanić Marina
Business models of micro businesses: Empirical evidence from creative industries
Atanas Atanassov
Silvia Trifonova
Jasmina Saraivanova
Anton Pramatarov
Assessment of the administrative burdens for businesses in Bulgaria according to the national legislation related to the European Union internal market
Valentina Ivančić
Ivan Mencer
Lara Jelenc
Želimir Dulčić
Strategy implementation – external environment alignment
Ismail Bilgi
Lyudmila Mihaylova
Emil Papazov
Internal control activities in small Turkish companies
Jasminka Samardžija
Joseph Kevin
Vanda Bazdan
Career development and personal success profile of students - followers and students - potential future leaders: The case of RIT Croatia
Michele Bertoni
Bruno de Rosa
Dražić Lutilsky
Opportunities for the improvement of cost accounting systems in public hospitals in Italy and Croatia: A case study
Martina Dragija Kostić
Tatjana Jovanović
Maja Letica
Perspectives on and obstacles to the internal reporting reform at higher education institutions – Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia
Simon Colnar
Vlado Dimovski
Knowledge management initiatives benefits for the Slovenian public sector