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Poziv za sudjelovanje - Challenge: Future Academy and Summit 2012

Challenge: Future Youth Think Tank & Global Student Innovation Competition (C:F) kroz natjecanja, razmjenu iskustava i suradnju s kolegama i stručnjacima iz cijelog svijeta stvara zajednicu talenta i ideja.

Ove jeseni, C:F poziva mlade od 18 do 30 godine starosti za sudjelovanje u TRI NOVA IZAZOVA,  svaki donosi brojne mogućnosti  - od stipendije do 2.500 eura po osobi za sudjelovanje u Challenge: Future Academy and Summit 2012 u prekrasnoj Sloveniji, do financijske potpore za realizaciju projekta, stažiranje, diskutiranje na globalnim događanjima i razne druge nagrade. Tekst poziva za studente:

Participate in Challenge: Future contests in autumn and win EUR 2,500 scholarships and internships!

Hey! Did you know that your ideas can bring you one of the 40 scholarships, each worth EUR 2,500, to attend Challenge: Future Academy and Summit 2012 in the amazing Bled and Ljubljana, Slovenia? And that’s not all! You have the opportunity to receive financial support to turn your ideas into reality, plus internships, speaking opportunities at global events and many more.

Challenge: Future Youth Think Tank & Global Student Innovation Competition (C:F, www.challengefuture.org) welcomes you to the Autumn Season of Challenges: http://challengefuture.org/quick/

1. Facing 21st Century Disasters (in cooperation with Triglav Insurance Company). Imagine what kind of disasters we might be facing in the next decades and how to protect ourselves, respond or adapt to them. Deadline for submissions: 30 November 2011. Participate now: http://challengefuture.org/quick/29

2. C:F Change: Youth 4 Youth (in cooperation with Studio Moderna). Using your creativity and experience, come up with an idea on how you could help make real impact for the underprivileged youth, from abandoned and homeless to immigrants and disabled ones. Deadline for submissions: 9 December 2011. Make an impact: http://challengefuture.org/quick/30

3. sLOVEnia – Old Stories for New Adventures (starts 10 October 2011, in cooperation with Slovenia Tourist Board). Imagine and create fresh and innovative touristic products and solutions based on “old stories” and legends of selected tourist destinations in Slovenia, European country that will be the host of our C:F Academy and C:F Summit 2012. Create new tourist routes, souvenirs, concept hotels, museums… anything you can imagine. Start creating: http://challengefuture.org/quick/ 

For any questions or more info just send a message via C:F Helpdesk: http://challengefuture.org/us/feedback/ or join the Skype hours, Mon-Thu, 13:00 – 16:00 PM CET (ID: challenge.future)

Good luck!

C:F Team

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