A letter from the Dean - March 26, 2020.

27. March 2020. | Covid19 info, Covid-19, Announcements
A letter from the Dean - March 26, 2020.

Dear students,

We have been online with the classes for almost two weeks now. Most of the courses and the materials for the completion of our study programs are not designed for this, but rather for “face to face” communication.

Teachers do their best to deliver the materials, a good part of which have never been designed for distance learning.

It is understandable that from time to time we face challenges, misunderstandings, etc. By looking at the Moodle platform and the statistics so far, the teaching process as a whole is going well. Of course, the experiences at different courses and study years vary. Some experiences are great, some a little less great. In some courses, communication and student activity are great, some need more work on. Somewhere the "transition" to new technologies was fast, somewhere it is still happening.

Dear students, in this situation we have to learn and work together. If you have questions, suggestions, problems, please do share them with your classmates, as well as your teachers, in the forums within the course. Help your teachers, speak about the challenges that you experience and participate together in finding solutions. Believe me, teachers will appreciate this - because they may not even be aware of these issues, and they never will be unless you articulate them clearly!

Remember. We can only navigate these challenges together!

Your Dean