Projects for a Better Future

Projects for a Better Future

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Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, Split strives to serve as a platform were diverse stakeholders meet, share knowledge and experience and work together toward the mutual goal of building a sustainable society and a better future for us and the generations to come.  Scientists, students, professionals from different work areas, activists, visionaries, innovators, creatives…..all are welcome to help build a better local community connected to the global community.

Our guiding force is a vision of world with resilient communities powered by innovative initiatives, renewable energy, safe and well-paying jobs as well as a well-balanced life of both individuals and society as a whole.

We are proud to have lead and participated in numerous international and local research projects leading to a better understanding of needs as well as creating innovative solutions. We have mentored, coached, and empowered students through multiple programs offered through class activities, within our Service Learning Center, Student Business Incubator, Life-long learning Center and many more programs incorporated in our Faculty’s activities.

We are ready to navigate the challenges ahead.
Or even better - join us!



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