The projects funded by the European Union (hereinafter referred to as EU projects) are projects in which the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism Split participates as a project leader or as a project partner. These projects have a wide range of funding and are divided into:

• European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI)
• Territorial Cooperation Programmes
• EU funding programmes

Links to the pages of ongoing EU projects are available from the list below.



Innovative Cooperation Business –
HEI learning model for Tourism

Ljudevit Pranić, PhD

KA2: Knowledge Alliance

(Hajdučkom) suradnjom i volonterstvom do društvenog razvoja
(Hajduk) Cooperation and volunteering for social development

Ivana Bilić, PhD

European Social Fund

SN4SD – Contemporary teaching for contemporary society
Suvremena nastava za suvremeno društvo

Dario Miočević, PhD

European Social Fund

FINAME PRO – Competencies for successful learning and challenges of contemporary society
Kompetencije za uspješnije učenje i izazove suvremenog društva

Dario Miočević, PhD

European Social Fund

Centre for service learning

Lana Ugrčić, MSc

European Social Fund

Practical-Active-Together-Interdisciplinary! – Service learning programs for the environment and sustainable development

Slađana Pavlinović, PhD

European Social Fund

Knowledge platform, skills and creative synergies for blue tourism ecosystem development - BLUTOURSYSTEM

Smiljana Pivčević, PhD

Interreg Croatia-Italy/ERDF

Cultural Studies in Business

Dario Miočević, PhD

KA2: Strategic Partnerships