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Vol. 21., Special issue

Vol. 21, Special issue


Journal of Contemporary Management Issues
Vol.21. (2016.)

Special issue:Selected papers, presented at the
11th International Conference
"Challenges of Europe"

Table of Contents


Z. Nedelko
V. Potočan
Management practices utilization in organizations – A comparison between catching-up and well-developed economies
P. Meglich
K. K. Mihelič
N. Zupan
The outcomes of perceived work-based support for mothers: A conceptual model
J. Ljubica
Ž. Dulčić
I. Aust
Linking individual and organizational cultural competences: One step closer to multicultural organization
S. Kovacs
R. Pusztai
N. Sipos
The influence of occupational rank on economics students’ migrations in the Hungarian higher education system
J. Gluić
Z. Mihanović
International market orientation and stakeholder management in institutions of culture and art in Croatia
K. Crnogaj
B. Bradač Hojnik
Institutional determinants and entrepreneurial action
J. Bubić
L. Mladineo
T. Šušak
VAT rate change and its impact on liquidity
L. Breznik
M. Lahovnik
Dynamic capabilities and competitive advantage: Findings from case studies
I. Vrdoljak Raguž
M. Matić
Business students’ attitudes towards business ethics: Evidence from Croatian universities
M. Peršič
A. Peršič
Standards of socially responsible management – Impact on sustainable development of the organization, the social and natural environment
Ž. Prutina
The effect of corporate social responsibility on organizational commitment