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Vol.16. No.2.

Vol.16. No.2.


Journal of Contemporary Management Issues
Vol.16. No. 2. (2011.)

Table of Contents


The impact of the organisational structure and project organisational culture on project performance in Slovenian enterprises
Ž. Garača
Factors related to the intended use of ERP systems
A. Jugović,
A. Bistričić
A. Hadžić Perić
Organization of Croatian county seaport management system
M. Ambrož
R. Ovsenik
Tourist origin and spiritual motives
G. Vlašić
M. Janković
A. Kramo-Čaluk
Information hunt: The impact of product type and time pressure on choice of information source for purchase decisions
N. Lambe
A. F. Chow
T. Finney
K. C. Woodford
A practical approach to teaching the aspects of plant shutdown in an undergraduate operations management course