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Vol.17. No.1.

Vol.17. No.1.


Journal of Contemporary Management Issues
Vol.17. No. 1. (2012.)

Table of Contents


S. I. Shah
A. Shahzad
T. Ahmed
I. Ahmed
Factors affecting Pakistan's university students' purchase intention toward foreign apparel brands
H. Kayuni
From loyal employees to fugitives on the ‘wanted’ list in Malawian organizations: Proposing organizational culture as an explanatory framework
I. Dražić Lutilsky
M. Dragija
Activity based costing as a means to full costing – Possibilities and constraints for European universities
J. Gržinić
D. Saftić
Approach to the development of destination management in Croatian tourism
A. H. de E. E.
de los Monteros
C. S. Bravo
Case study: Downsizing strategy influence on the structure of the firm
Call for papers and participation: 2nd regional meeting & scientific conference of management departments