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Vol.19. No.2.

Vol.19. No.2.


Journal of Contemporary Management Issues
Vol.19. No. 2. (2014.)

Table of Contents


In memoriam professor emeritus Marin Buble
J. O. Ekore
Impact of key organizational factors on knowledge transfer success in multi-national enterprises
M. Klačmer Čalopa
J. Horvat
M. Lalić
Analysis of financing sources for start-up companies
K. Žnidar
N. Alfirević
J. Pavičić
Business application of the sociological and psychological aspects of communities of interest: The case of nautical tourism in Croatia
C. E. Nell
M. C. Cant
Determining student perceptions regarding the most important service features and overall satisfaction with the service quality of a higher education institution
Lj. Cerović
A. A. Blecich
A. Štambuk
Relevant areas and indicators of quality in higher education institutions: Evaluating the system of higher education in economics
M. Mpinganjira
Understanding online repeat purchase intentions: A relationship marketing perspective
Lj. Najev Čačija
Preliminary empirical analysis of the relationship dynamics between marketing activities and fundraising success in nonprofit organizations
I. Dropulić
Design of management control systems – A study of joint stock companies in Croatia
S. Oppong
Upper echelons theory revisited: The need for a change from causal description to casual explanation
C. Vijayabanu
K. Govindarajan
R. Renganathan
Organizational citizenship behavior and job involvement of Indian private sector employees using visual PLS–SEM model
B. Mihalčová,
M. Pružinský
Z. Jakubčová
Brand positioning of a Slovak company
J. Vlachy
Using life cycle costing for product management