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Vol.3. No.1.

Vol.3. No.1.


Journal of Contemporary Management Issues
Vol.3. No.1. (1998.)

Table of Contents


F. Bahtijarević
- Šiber
Individual Characteristics of Croatian Entrepreneurs - an Empirical Analysis
S.L. Mueller
J.B. Luytjes
Regional and National Differences in Entrepreneurial Attitudes, Values and Peceptions
M. Krneta
Characteristics of Management in a Large Company (Longitudinal Research 1986-1996)
T. Kesić
Changes in the Environment as a Condition of Market Driven Management of Insurance Companies in Croatia
Đ. Borozan
Indentification of Ambiguity Components toward Understanding Manager Choice under Ambiguity
S.A. Ritonja
Management Development in the Slovenian Healthcare System
M.G. Božac
J. Knez
Case Study: "5F, plc." Pula