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The visibility of scientific research and the dissemination of new knowledge is an important aspect of our (institution's) work. Through these activities we demonstrate our social orientation and strive to improve the quality of life of the whole community.

In this sense, we regularly organize research meetings and other ways of disseminating knowledge arising from our scientific research:

  • Research Lounge - is a regular meeting where our researchers and those from other domestic and foreign institutions present the results of their recent research projects.
  • Knowledge @ EFST – in 2019 we will launch a portal on which we will popularize the research work and projects of our researchers through popular papers intended for a wider audience that is interested in economics, tourism and business topics

In addition to the abovementioned initiatives, the Facults regularly holds workshops, thematic round tables, and conferences.

For two decades, our Faculty has been organizing an international scientific conference, Challenges of Europe, which brings together a large number of researchers from the fields of economics and business, as well as renowned world researchers and Nobel Prize laureates in the fields of economics and business. More information about the conference can be found here.

Our Faculty is the publisher of the international journal Management: Journal of Contemporary Management Issues. The journal publishes scientific papers dealing with contemporary issues in the field of management with the primary goal of expanding relevant scientific knowledge and information in the area of management and other related fields of research. You can find out more about the journal >>here<<.

Also, our Faculty is the co-publisher of the international journal Croatian Operational Research Review. The journal focuses on the publication of high-quality scientific papers addressing the theory and application of operational research and related areas, mostly quantitative methods and machine learning. You can find more information about the journal >>here<<.

We are currently a part of the consortium that established the Scientific Centre of Excellence for School Effectiveness and Management (ZCI-SEM).
ZCI-SEM was founded for research aimed at providing significant scientific input in the field of school effectiveness and management. This contribution will be recognizable in terms of identifying new variables and relationships in globally recognized school effectiveness theoretical models and the empirical testing of these models.

The head of ZCI-SEM is Professor Jurica Pavičić from the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Zagreb. Apart from the Faculty of Business and Economics in Zagreb as the lead partner of ZCI-SEM, partner institutions are the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism Split, the Faculty of Philosophy Split, and the Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar. More about ZCI-SEM can be found here (web available in Croatian only)