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Andrea Martinez Castillo, Spain

11. May 2021. | Testimonials
Andrea Martinez Castillo, Spain

Hello, everybody!

I hope you're all well and safe in these troubled times. My name is Andrea and I'm from Madrid (Spain) and I'm studying commerce and tourism at the Facultad de Comercio y Turismo at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Since I was a little girl, I had wanted to leave Erasmus and I never imagined the incredible memories I was going to forge, the people I was going to meet, the wonderful places I was going to see or the times I was going to learn the same word in different languages.

In spite of the complicated situation that we are living, this experience has marked my life: Split and Croatia in general, is an amazing place... its beaches, its hidden corners, its nights and days, getting lost in its streets and watching the sunsets and sunrises... I've been here since September and I don't remember a single day in which I haven't learned something good or discovered something new.

Dear future Erasmus and world travellers: if you are looking for a city where you can get lost, where you can fall in love and where, above all, you can find yourselves and get to know each other better, do not hesitate to buy a ticket to Split. I am sure that we will meet because I want to come back next year!

But be sure to get a good coat for winter because the wind is very hard and good sun cream for summer!