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Davide Storni, Italy

11. May 2021. | Testimonials
Davide Storni, Italy

Ciao, I’m Davide Storni an Erasmus student in Split. Although I have red hair I’m 100% Italian but please… don’t tell me to cook Pasta!! I’m 23 years old and I from Senigallia, a lovely seaside town really similar to Split located 20 minutes away from Ancona (in Marche region), with a lot of tourism during the summer season. I’m at my last year of my graduate study in Economics and Management in Ancona (UNIVPM) and in the future I would like to specialize more in Human resource management sector.

About my passion? Well take everything away from me but not the sport. I’m a sports lover, a tennis player since I was a child, I like work-out more or less every day because I love to be in shape and it makes me feel energetic, active, positive and motivated allowing me to better manage my tasks during the day. Just contact me if somebody wants to play when all this situation will end… I warn you, I’m strong!!

Currently I’m studying in Split at FEBT Split. I’ve arrived here during the first semester at the end of September, and immediately I fell in love with this city, its landscapes, its sea. It is neither big nor small… I felt like I had found a second home. Here I’ve met a lot of good and friendly people, I went to events, parties. I particularly like the university atmosphere of Split. Kampus is well-organized and everything is efficient especially the menza, and that library, the big one… people who know me  know that I love that library, it will be strange but I’ve never studied with so much pleasure in my life.

This mix of sensations and positive vibes led me to decide to extend Erasmus for the second semester... but unfortunately the Coronavirus came breaking this dream. I began to be sad for my family, for my friends, for my Italy. Now it has arrived here too. Every day is the same boring day: I wake up, I study, I have online lectures, spending time on Instagram, WhatsApp, doing Video call and sometimes working-out. These are difficult days of reflection, I am confused and even a little demotivated... but I try to look on the positive side because from this situation I will emerge stronger and more mature. I hope this pandemic ends and that the world can come back to life. I can't wait to go back to normal life!