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Erik Jerne, Italy

11. May 2021. | Testimonials
Erik Jerne, Italy

Hello everyone,

I am an Erasmus student at my third year of tourism economics and management (Scienze del turismo). I am half Italian and half Danish. I love entrepreneurial economic studies, analyzing tourism destinations, meeting new people from different cultures and I love music and deejaying.

Let me tell you a bit about my background; Italy, the country where I live, is an amazing nation where family, good weather, food, and good social contacts are very important. It's a difficult country from a lot of sides and perspectives, but I am very happy to live in that beautiful country. My city, Alcamo, located in western part of Sicily is a beautiful place; surrounded by a mountain, amazing sea, more than one natural reserve and extraordinary cultural world famous sites.

Life there is really amazing, people are extremely friendly and food, espressos, friends and family are essential elements of our life.
I study at Università degli studi di Palermo (Unipa) which is a very big campus with more than 30.000 students. I love it because it's full of people, activities and it is very "alive".

In my opinion, it's probably one of the most difficult universities in Italy, with high expectations and hard lectures and studies. I think FEBT Split is very effective and efficient. The methods of studies are different than I am used to and in my opinion these are very interesting and interactive. So far. I found that Split is a very beautiful city and Croatians are really friendly. That's why I am curious to know more about it and more about Croatian culture.

Right now, studying, meditating, sleeping, watching TV shows and calling friends and family are elements of my Erasmus quarantine. When it all finishes my plans include a nice coffee on Riva with friends and a huge party in the evening!