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Mireia Cavero Martinez, Spain

11. May 2021. | Testimonials
Mireia Cavero Martinez, Spain


My name is Mireia, and I am from Spain, specifically from VALENCIA. A coastal city where PAELLA stands out ;) I am studying Tourism at the University of Valencia and about to finish my degree next year. Finallyyy!! Hahaha

I always wanted to do an Erasmus year, since everyone told me it will be the best experience of my life and… do you want to know something? It is more than that, Erasmus opens your eyes to new cultures, how to be independent and getting in touch with other people from many different countries.

Choosing Split as my Erasmus destination was a last minute decision and I would never change it for anything. What I like most about this city is ... Can’t even tell! I can't choose just one thing. People are very nice, they always try to talk to you, because most of them speak English, the weather is impressive, especially the wind ;). The beaches are nice, I’m in love with the restaurants, but the Erasmus atmosphere here is something that any student should experience once in life.

Split has given me so much that I can't thank you in words. Now I not only have friends from many countries in Europe, but I also have a family and I know that I will cry a lot when I have to say “see you soon”.