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Tamara Dimić, Slovenia

6. May 2021. | Testimonials
Tamara Dimić, Slovenia


I'm just another Slovenian girl who ended up in this beautiful city. I study at the Faculty of tourism studies – TURISTICA in Portorož, but here I'm at Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, Split.

This is my second Erasmus exchange and it is a totally different experience from the previous one, which was in Finland in winter time. Split wasn't my first choice but the time I've spent here, showed me this is one of the best choices I've made. Split, its culture and lifestyle made my stay so comfortable, it almost feels like home. But the people...

People I have met since day 1, made all the magic and this is what Erasmus is all about. All experiences I've been through, trumped my expectations.

Ever thought about Erasmus exchange? Go. Don't even try to overthink it. Just pack and make yourself do it. Will you stress about it a lot? Yes, definitely. Is it worth it? Of course!!! You never know... You may learn something new or upgrade your knowledge and skills you already have. You may meet your new business partners, coworkers, new friends amongst which you may find the best one. You never know...

Soo, Hi! I'm Tamara Dimic and I dare you to go for exchange and be a part of the Erasmus family.