Doctoral Studies - Mentors and their Research fields

Mentors and their Research fields

Područja istraživanja i mentori

The candidates of the Postgraduate study program in Economics and Business Economics can choose to conduct research for their doctoral dissertations in one of the following eight thematic areas:

Scientific research is one of the fundamental components of the doctoral study program, which makes the process of selecting a suitable area and the corresponding supervisor of utmost importance to the candidate.

In this process, we would like to highlight the value of the informal contacts that our Faculty has with numerous international scientists who have visible results in scientific research at the global level.

The longstanding scientific research experience of our Faculty, formal agreements as well as informal contacts made by our researchers, all create a source of added value for our doctoral candidates. Due to the numerous international contacts and cooperation cultivated by the Faculty of Economics in Split and its researchers, the Postgraduate study program in Economics and Business Economics offers its candidates the opportunity to acquire international experience by attending a part of their doctoral study program at foreign partner institutions involved in the CeseeNet network or through the Erasmus + program.

Additional information on the possibilities of using the exchange program can be obtained by following the above links or by contacting the Postgraduate Study Centre.