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Doctoral study at the Faculty of Economics in Split offers two courses of study - Economics and Business Economics, and lasts 3 years (6 semesters). Upon graduation, candidates are awarded 180 ECTS points and the doctoral degree (Ph.D) in economics.

The programme is organised in the following way, by year:

In the first year of the study program, candidates attend obligatory methodological courses and obligatory courses covering the wider field of economics or business economics, depending on the focus of the candidate's research.

In the second year, candidates take two obligatory courses from the field of economics and business economics and they select four elective courses within the narrower area of ​​their own research interest.

The third year of study is fully dedicated to the candidate’s work on the doctoral dissertation.

A detailed overview of the courses offered as part of the doctoral study program is available in the documents that are downloadable from this site.

Research workshops

In course of the whole study program candidates are expected to work actively on their doctoral dissertations. One of the activities that has proved to be of great help to doctoral candidates is participation in research workshops organized every semester within the first two years of study. Candidates use the research workshops to present their current achievements in the area of their doctoral dissertation in front of their supervisors, the head of the study and other consultants with expertise in the narrower area of ​​the research topic. The achievements are discussed and possible areas of improvement are suggested.

Candidates’ obligations

In order to successfully complete the Postgraduate study program in Economics and Business Economics, candidates are required to attend and pass all obligatory and elective courses.

When the candidates complete all the study assignments, i.e. after they pass all the required obligatory and elective courses and after they present their work in the four research workshops satisfactorily, the candidates submit their dissertation proposal and are invited to defend it in the public discussion.

A positively evaluated dissertation proposal means the candidate can proceed to completing his/her doctoral thesis. Upon completion, the candidate submits his/her doctoral dissertation and after the positive evaluation of the commission the candidate organises its public defence. Having successfully defended his doctoral dissertation in front of the expert commission, the candidate acquires the academic title of Doctor of Economics.