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Writing a doctoral dissertation is a demanding endeavour that, apart from the commitment of the candidates themselves, also requires adequate support in terms of infrastructure and resources intended for candidates.

Our faculty boasts a library, extending on a total of 1000 square metres, which offers more than 30,000 bibliographic units and 150 domestic and foreign journals students can access in course of their studies. In addition to this, the library stock also includes doctoral dissertations, master's and graduate theses defended at the Faculty, and a series of encyclopaedias, dictionaries and manuals.

Besides the printed stock, the electronic sources can be accessed through CARNet and the Online database centre. These include databases, electronic journals and books provided by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports to the Croatian academic and research community. Electronic sources include large bibliographic services and databases such as Thomson Reuters, AMADEUS, EBSCO, EMERALD, ELSEVIER, HRČAK, PROQUEST and others.

Apart from the access to electronic bibliographic services and databases, the Faculty provides its candidates with various clearly defined forms of institutional support. The Faculty offers the candidates the institutional support for research and the overall development of their careers, with special emphasis on:

  • possibility of active participation at scientific conferences based on the invitation received from conference organisers. We particularly emphasize the international scientific conference Challenges of Europe organised by our Faculty.;
  • invitations to participate in conferences and to attend lectures of postgraduate study programs organised by the members of the CeseeNet network;
  • opportunity to present their workshops at scientific conferences organised by the Faculty  and other partner institutions of higher education;
  • involvement of candidates in research groups and scientific research projects funded by internal and external sources.