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Student life and associations

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Student life at the Faculty is enriched by the activities of many student associations which support knowledge sharing, new skill attainment, international practice and volunteering initiatives, project work and social gatherings for its members.

The AIESEC is the oldest student organization at the Faculty, although other long-standing groups include the Student Union of the Faculty, the student a cappella group Sveti Dujam, IMEF – the association of IT Management students, and The Financial Club.

Student associations regularly engage in various projects with non-governmental organizations and humanitarian actions.

The IMEF Association was established in 2012 with the aim of promoting and developing IT management and to aid the personal development of students through organizing and participating in various projects, workshops, conferences, and seminars, as well as through linking students with the corporate sector. Besides its professional activities, the association regulary engages in organizing excursions as well as social, cultural and other programmes. It also cooperates with other student associations in Croatia and abroad.
Members of the association have the opportunity to obtain new knowledge and skills, meet their peers, and actively contribute to the community.