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Student Union

Student Choir

President - Ela Čoga

Vice Presidents - Luka Zovko, Dino Pereža

Students participate in the Faculty Council through the Student Union as the elected representative body of the Faculty's students.

Student Union:

  • elects student representatives in the Faculty Council and other bodies of the Faculty, and participates in the work and decision-making of these bodies,
  • elects student representatives in appropriate organizations, institutions and companies founded by the Faculty,
  • selects student representatives at the Student's Union of the University of Split and participates in his work and decision-making,
  • adopts the plan and program of the Student Union,
  • appoints a student ombudsman and his/her deputy,
  • cares about the quality of life of students, especially about the quality of the study process, the student standard, the realization of student rights and other matters important for students,
  • proposes to the competent bodies of the Faculty a plan for financing student activities and projects,
  • encourages the extra-curricular activities of the Faculty students,
  • proposes to the Faculty Council the adoption of the Statute of the Student Union and its amendments,
  • proposes to the Faculty Council the adoption of rules on the allocation of financial resources, the criteria for tenders and the way of evaluating student programs and projects led by student organizations or individual students,
  • makes general acts of the Student Choir, unless otherwise stipulated by the Act or by the Statute of the Student Union,
  • performs other tasks of interest to the students of the Faculty.

Contact the Students' Union:

Student Attorney - Dino Pereža (Deputy Luka Zovko) 

Facebook page: