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Why choose EF?

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While there are numerous reasons why you should enrol in the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism in Split, to help you we've chosen five of them:

1. High employability after graduation:

You often hear that the market is saturated with people who have graduated in Economics or Business Studies; however, according to the data of the Croatian Employment Services, students who finish the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism in Split are in possession of among the five most sought after qualifications among employers.

2. A wide range of study programmes

Enrol in professional or university study programmes - our study programmes offer current knowledge in the areas of economics, business and tourism depending on your professional affinity.

3. Ability to reside and study abroad

Through some of the available mobility programmes, spend one or two semesters at more than 50 partner institutions in Italy, Sweden, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Poland, etc. Besides studying, you can also apply for professional internships abroad.

4. Studying with the possibility of an internship

Internships offer you the possibility to apply your acquired theoretical knowledge to real business practice in more than 80 partner companies and NGOs.

5. Developing entrepreneurial skills

Engage in the work of a Student Business Incubator, where through mentoring, workshops and guest lectures by professionals and successful entrepreneurs, you can develop entrepreneurial skills and start your own business.