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8. lipnja 2018. | Događanja

What is the secret to finding fulfillment after you graduate?

If you would like to learn how to leverage your strengths, understand why you want to follow a certain career path, and ultimately be confident in your career decision, we invite you to attend The Authenticity Paradox session presented by Vanesa and Neil.

You will learn about the ‘career echo chamber’, how to adapt and re-frame your perspective, and gain an advantage in creating a clear vision of success.  You will understand how you can listen to your ‘Authentic Self’ to develop a strategy for finding career fulfillment, and follow the path to the right role for you.

Vanesa is a management consultant and Neil is a lawyer. Together, they are international coaches and speakers, sparking innovative career thinking as they travel the world with Remote Year.

The session will take place on Monday June 18th at 6pm at EFST (Dvorana 14 – D14).

All students interested in attending please apply HERE.

Application deadline is June 15th.