Doctoral Studies - Admissions


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Candidate’s essay on a wider area of ​​his/her scientific research interest and the interview conducted by the Faculty’s commission  are the most important steps in the process of evaluation and selection of candidates for admission to the doctoral study. Although each candidate is specific, the characteristics that are particularly appreciated are the inclination towards scientific research resulting from the candidate’s previous activities and projects, motivation and creativity and a well developed ability of critical thinking.


The applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • have a graduate or undergraduate degree in economics
  • have a degree from the university postgraduate specialist study in the field of economics, the university postgraduate professional study in the field of economics, or the postgraduate scientific study in the field of economics (a number of ECTS credits can be transferred from the previous study programs in accordance with the study regulations)

A number of the ECTS credits will be recognised (in accordance to the rules of study) in cases of candidates who have completed university undergraduate or graduate studies in the field of economics, candidates who enrolled in postgraduate scientific or professional (master's degree) study programs under different conditions, or those enrolled in postgraduate specialist study who only have to complete their final thesis.


As a rule, the process of enrolment from the receipt of the application until the final selection takes from 2 to 3 months. The steps involved in the selection process include:

  1. Application and the receipt of the candidate's complete documentation
  2. Initial ranking of the candidates
  3. Interviewing the candidates
  4. Publishing the final ranking list of candidates qualified to enrol
  5. Making decisions and notifying the candidates about the results