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Strategic Advisory Board

The role of the Strategic Advisory Board is to assist the Faculty management with its experience in the long-term development of the Faculty's core activities: teaching, scientific research and lifelong learning. The Board is made up of distinguieshed members of the academic community and the corporate sector who have achieved discernible results in the international context.
Current members of the Strategic Advisory Board are:

  1. Robert E. Morgan, Sir Julian Hodge Professor of Marketing & Strategy, Cardiff University, Business School, UK
  2. Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Professor of Economic Geography, London School of Economics, UK
  3. Peter Nijkamp, Emeritus Professor in Regional and Urban Economics & Economic Geography, Free University of Amsterdam, School of Business and Economics, Netherlands
  4. Dražen Prelec, Professor of Management Science & Economics, Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT), Sloan School of Management, SAD
  5. Tapio Siik, Advisor, Aalto Univeristy, Aalto Start-up Center, Finland
  6. Ivan Bartulović, Board Member & CHRO at Deutsche Telekom Group
  7. Yogesh Dwivedi, Dean of Academic Leadership & Professor of Digital Marketing and Innovation, Swansea University, School of Management
  8. Vladimir Gnjidić, Member of the Board & Commerical Director, Metro Cash and Carry d.o.o

Corporate Council

The Corporate Council represents the cornerstone of the Faculty's cooperation with the business community. The main role of the Council is to offer critical review of the study programmes from the perspective of employers' needs. In addition, the role of the Council is to foster cooperation with the academic community through joint projects, improve the "practical" component within study programmes, and jointly organize round tables and forums for addressing key economic problems from the perspectives of both business world and the academia. The Corporate Council consists of managers and entrepreneurs who have made a significant impact in the world of business.
Current members of the Corporate Council are:

  1. Zvonimir Akrap, OTP group
  2. Goran Batinić, Razvojna agencija Split - RAST d.o.o.
  3. Nino Beneta, Molson Coors
  4. Antonia Bralić, GoStudent Ltd
  5. Meri Čizmić Kraljević, Interligo
  6. Snježana Galić, Galić Tax Consulting d.o.o.
  7. Sebastijan Ivanković, Tommy ltd 
  8. Katija Klepo, AD Plastik
  9. Igor Leben, Odien Group (Le Meridien Lav)
  10. Danilo Trebješanin, Locastic
  11. Velimir Vilović, CEMEX Hrvatska d.d.