Specialist graduate study programme Management

The graduate professional programme in Management lasts three semesters and represents a logical continuation of the undergraduate professional programme by upgrading the students' professional skills acquired at undergraduate level. In its delivery plan, this programme envisions concentrations in which students acquire specialist knowledge and skills in specific areas that are current and for which there is a strong demand in the contemporary labor market: Project Management, Tax Management and Accounting.

By completing this programme, students are qualified to assume the responsibility of senior executive functions in companies in the fields of accounting, project management, procurement, tax consultancy, etc. This programme is characterized by the great interest of students who already have experience in business practice and who want to acquire additional knowledge to enrich their skills and enhance their careers.


Duration: 2 years
ECTS credits: 120
Enrollment requirements:
  • completed four-year high school
  • completed relevant undergraduate professional study programm or equivalent
    • professional bachlor of economics or similar (with 180 ECTS credits),
    • professional bachlor of unrelated programmes with completed Program for acquiring requirements for enrollment in graduate professional studies
    • university bachlor of economics or similar
    • students with waster degree form unrelated programmes with the obligation to enroll in additional courses for future education
Curricula: List of courses
Study cycle: graduate professional study programme
intended learning outcomes:


  • Critically evaluate complex problems according to the relevant methodology, documentation and data
  • Concisely and reasonably present positions, insights, ideas, problems and solutions
  • Select and combine quantitative methods and ICT to solve business issues in management
  • Develop communication and cooperation in different business and cultural environments
  • Build personal and team responsibilities in solving business problems
  • Integrate the principles of ethics and social responsibility into making business decisions


  • Establish financial business and the planning of an economic operator
  • Suggest solutions to business problems in the conditions of risk and uncertainty
Field of study intended learning outcomes:


  • Estimate accounting positions and prepare the financial reports of simple and complex economic operators using applicable financial reporting standards
  • Evaluate accounting positions and prepare the financial reports of budget users and non-profit institutions using relevant accounting principles and regulations
  • Establish an integrated audit process of financial reports and assess business risks to recommend adequate internal control procedures
  • Suggest measures to improve business operations using different methods and techniques of the financial analysis of business
  • Establish an internal reporting model for the purpose of making operational and strategic business decisions

Tax management

  • Manage financial operations and the risks of economic operators
  • Determine the size of different types of taxes

Project management

  • Plan and manage projects
  • Evaluate project success from different aspects
Future studies:  
Title acquired: Expert specialist of economics