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Course Catalogue

FEBT courses offered to incoming students attending lectures in the English language at both undergraduate and graduate level studies are listed below under courses offer.

All courses are entirely delivered in the English language.

The catalogue is subject to annual change (due to lecturers' academic workload and/or official absence, number of students registered for the courses, etc).

Students can select both levels of courses if such a combination is in accordance with their home institution's rules.

Students are allowed to make changes in Learning Agreement during the first two weeks of the semester.

In addition to the above listed FEBT courses, students can also select the following semestral courses delivered at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences for undergraduate and graduate students:

  • Croatian Language for Foreigners I (5 ECTS) - elementary level - delivered during both semesters
  • Croatian Language for Foreigners 2 (5 ECTS) - intermediate level - delivered during both semesters
  • Croatian Language for Foreigners 3 (5 ECTS) - advanced level - delivered during both semesters
  • Croatian Culture and Civilization I (5 ECTS) - delivered only during the autumn-winter semester 
  • Croatian Culture and Civilization II (5 ECTS) - delivered only during the spring-summer semester

The plan and programmes for these courses are available here.

Incoming students following lectures in the Croatian language can select courses here

Receiving instituion details to be filled in Learning Agreement:
Name: University of Split
Faculty: Economics, Business and Tourism
Address: Cvite Fiskovića 5, 21000 Split 
Erasmus code: HR SPLIT01
Contact/responsible person: Danijela Coppola, ERASMUS+ Coordinator, T: +385 21 430 706, email: dcoppola@efst.hr