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Study at FEBT as a visiting student

As an international student interested in coming to study in Croatia, you can spend a semester or more at the Faculty of Economics, Business, and Tourism (FEBT), Split as a non-degree seeking student with the opportunity to transfer credits to your home institution. We offer selection of both bachelor and master degree level courses in English language on a per-module basis in Economics, Business and Tourism.

FEBT Split is actively involved in the Erasmus+ and CEEPUS student exchange programs. Detailed information about the application process, courses offer to incoming students, as well as all the remaining relevant information are available below.

Coming to study in Split provides you with a unique opportunity to live and learn in a city founded by Roman Emperor Diocletian more than 1700 years ago! You can get a feeling for what the University of Split is like by looking at this UNIST promo video, and learn about FEBT by checking out our promo video. Finally, do make sure to read some of the stories of our international students and feel the international vibes here at FEBT Split!

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