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Quality Assurance System

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Today, Quality Assurance processes are fully integrated into the DNA of our Faculty.

Quality control is conducted at the FEBT level (Quality Assurance Committee), University level (Office for Study Programmes and Quality Assurance) and national level (Agency for Science and Higher Education – ASHE). FEBT's Centre for Quality Assurance deals with the multitudinous aspects of a quality culture at our institution by implementing the standards and quality assurance guidelines based on the established Quality Policy. FEBT has also several permanent committees which deal with such matters as student enrolment and appeals; the harmonisation of study programmes; recognition of foreign HE qualifications; disciplinary proceedings and the like. Teaching staff are evaluated anonymously by students. 

The planned goals based on the established Quality Policy are aimed at satisfying the needs, expectations and requirements of the direct users of the Faculty of Economics, Business and Toursim in Split - students and other stakeholders, namely: parents, employers, and the Ministry of Science and Education.