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The Center for Service Learning (CSL) has been operating at the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, University of Split (FEBT) since 2018. Its launch was made possible by the joint efforts of the FEBT and civil society organizations - the Youth Club of Split, the MoSt Association, the Srce Association, the “Naša dica” (Our children) Association from Kaštela and TOMS - the Association of the Physically Handicapped, Trogir.

The aim of the CSL is to strengthen cooperation between civil society organizations and higher education institutions through joint work on solving issues in the community and building young people as socially active and aware citizens. The Center implements a service-learning program in the form of work placements, with the basic tasks and responsibilities of the Center being the implementation and support in the implementation of Service-learning activities as well as general promotion of Service Learning concept.

The target groups with whom the Center cooperates and communicates are students, faculty and staff involved in the service-learning program, as well as other parties interested in joining the CSL.  In addition to acquiring practical knowledge and skills needed to solve specific challenges through involvement in the work of the Center, students - as the most important stakeholders in the Center, have the opportunity to learn about the opportunities provided by volunteering. After the internships, many of the participating students continue to volunteer in partner civil society organizations.

Furthermore, students are supported in the development of social projects and social innovations carried out in cooperation with the Student Business Incubator (SBI) at the Faculty. One of the more prominent activities of the CSL  is the organization of social hackathons. More specifically, CSL organises Hack4Split - a two-day competition aimed at solving social problems defined by civil society organizations and designing social innovations.

Photo: Student teams, hard at work during Hack4St! event 

The Center also conducts training of faculty staff and employees of partner civil society organizations in the implementation of the Professional practice course focusing on service learning.

Currently, 26 NGOs and over 20 Faculty staff are involved in the activities of the CSL. The demand for involvement in the work of the Center is growing yearly - both by civil society organizations and teachers and students of the Faculty, which testifies to the recognized quality of the program.

The University of Split, of which FEBT is a part was ranked 21st on the global scale "World's Universities with Real Impact” (WURI) in 2021. Largely as a result of good practices arising from the activities of the CSL. Faculty members who participated in the launch of the Center for DKU were awarded the Plaque of the University of Split in 2021, and the University of Split,

You can find out more about service-learning in general and our Center for Service Learning in particular by clicking here (page is in Croatian).

If you need additional information, contact the coordinator of CSL, Assoc.Prof. Marina Lovrinčević, PhD (marina.lovrincevic@efst.hr).