About FEBT - Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission, Vision & Core Values



The Faculty of Economics in Split is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the field of economics by promoting excellence in teaching, scientific and professional work, fostering adherence to contemporary European trends for the benefit of the entire society.


The Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism (FEBT) in Split is a regional leader in the development of talents through educational programmmes, scientific research and the promotion of ideas, whereby improving the well-being and sustainability of society locally, nationally and globally.

Core values and principles

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Accountability
  • Ethics
  • Openness
  • Sustainability

Strategic goals with measures

1. Education - Education for a better society

1.1. Aligning study programs with targeted social needs.
1.2.Strenthening the relevance of the teaching programmes in the international environment.
1.3. Unlocking the potential for achieving greater synergy between FEBT, its international partners and other HEIs in the Republic of Croatia in developing joint study programmes.
1.4. Strengthening the integration of scientific and professional work at FEBT  into its study programs.

2. Research - Research for positive change

2.1. Supporting scientific excellence in the European research area.
2.2. Improving scientific productivity by increasing the number of active scientists.
2.3. Strengthening scientific activity focused on the needs of the economy and society.
2.4. Encouraging interdisciplinary research, ethics and openness of scientific work.

3. Social impact – Cooperation and openness to the knowledge economy

3.1. Increasing the number of professional/commercial projects completed for clients from the public, private and non-governmental sectors in the Republic of Croatia.
3.2. Improving the realization of competitive programs of lifelong education and adult education.
3.3. Increasing the number of development and professional projects financed from EU funds and other international sources.
3.4. Improving the position and visibility among the target groups in the local, national and international environment

4. 2. Talent development - Creating an environment for the development of potential

4.1. Building an effective digital system at the institution level to encourage excellence and innovation in all aspects of work.
4.2. Strengthening human capacities based on objective and transparent assessments that include the evaluation of excellence in the international environment and in all aspects of work.
4.3. Building a support system for career development in an international environment for students and alumni.
4.4. Ensuring sustainable infrastructural prerequisites for the realization of potential through educational, scientific and professional activities.

Full version of our strategic framework is available here.