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Mission, Vision & Core Values

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The Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism of the University of Split is a higher education institution in the fields of economics, business and tourism representing public interest, fostering the culture of socially responsible behavior, enhancing the quality of scientific research, teaching and professional work, as well as lifelong learning for the benefit of students and employees, economy and society as a whole.


The Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism in Split is a functionally integrated institution of the University of Split, with legal personality. The Faculty is an internationally recognized higher education and research institution. With its university and professional study programs, as well as lifelong learning programs, high quality study conditions, the institution guarantees the education of top experts capable of quick and successfull integration in the global labor market. With the high level of quality of its educational programs and research and with the strengthening of partnerships with other higher education and research institutions in the country and abroad, it contributes to the transfer of knowledge, the raising of competencies and the overall economic and social development. The faculty is a community of highly motivated and satisfied students and employees, focused on developing personal competencies and monitoring the career development of their students.

Core Values