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Who can apply for student exchange (student mobility) at FEBT

We accept students from institutions participating in Erasmus+ (KA131 and KA171) and CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies) programmes. Additionaly free-mover students, as well as students coming from institutions based in countries that participate in bilateral agreements with the Republic of Croatia, are also eligible for mobility at FEBT.

In order to find out which mobility scheme applies to you, we strongly advise contacting your home institution's international cooperation/mobility office.

Are there any special requirements/prerequisites for application?

The only universal requirement (for all incoming students) is a B2 English language certificate.
Additionally, students on CEEPUS, Bilateral agreements and free-mover schemes are required to enrol into a minimum of 30 ECTS points per semester.

How to apply for mobility at FEBT

The application process differs depending on the status of incoming students and the type of exchange scheme you are applying for.
Information on the application process is organised according to the scheme through which you're applying. A detailed list of required documents is available further down this page. Please note that, unless specified otherwise, all documents are submitted in electronic form (either as scans or filled out submission forms). Hard copies are not required.

ERASMUS+ scheme - applications are administered entirely online, through the University of Split webpage (link opens in a new window). 

CEEPUS scheme - applications are submitted directly to CEEPUS. To apply, students need a Letter of Acceptance (CEEPUS format document) signed and stamped by the FEBT International office. Prospective students are advised to contact the FEBT International coordinator  Ms Danijela Coppola for detailed information. When contacting FEBT International Coordinator you should include certificate of enrollment at home institution and a list of courses (30 ECTS credits) you would like to enrol at FEBT. 

FREEMOVER students - apply directly to the FEBT International office (i.e. FEBT International coordinator - Ms Danijela Coppola). When applying, prospective students need to send their Student Application Form, Learning Agreement proposal (30 ECTS credits) and a Transcript of Records (grades) from the home institution. Please note that freemover students are subject to paying tuition fees when enrolling. Fee is calculated per the number of ECTS credits a student is enrolled in, where 1 ECTS equals 15,48 EUR.

Students applying for Bilateral agreement* scholarships  - apply directly to Calls published at AMPEU (Agency for Mobility and European Programmes). To apply, students need a Letter of Acceptance which is signed and stamped by the FEBT International office. Prospective students are advised to contact the FEBT International coordinator  Ms Danijela Coppola for detailed information. When contacting FEBT International coordinator, you should include a certificate of enrollment at your home institution and a list of courses (30 ECTS credits) you would like to enrol at FEBT.
*Bilateral agreement refers to agreements formed with countries (and territories) that have a valid/effective educational co-operation programme with Croatia or a bilateral agreement signed by the Croatian Government and the relevant ministry of the given country (or territory)

Documents and requirements for ALL programs (ERASMUS+, CEEPUS, Bilateral agreements and free-movers)

1) Learning Agreement (LA)

Receiving institution details to be filled in Learning Agreement:

Responsible contact person: Danijela Coppola, ERASMUS+ Coordinator

Name: University of Split
Faculty: Economics, Business and Tourism
Address: Cvite Fiskovića 5, 21000 Split 
Erasmus code: HR SPLIT01

  • Learning Agreement for CEEPUS, bilateral and free-movers - min. ECTS credits semester workload is 30

2) Transcript of Records (ToR) in English - issued, signed, and sealed by the home institution. Graduate-level students should  additionally provide undergraduate level ToR,

3) B2 level English language certificate - following certificates are accepted:

  • Home institution (university) certificate in the form of official confirmation of language teacher at the home university on university letterhead with original signature and stamp/seal
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) – band 6
  • TOEFL internet based test - IBT 60
  • BEC (Business English Certificate) – levels Vantage and Higher
  • Cambridge English: First (FCE) 
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)
  • Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE)

Extended deadline for B2 level English language certificate submission is August 20/January 07. Native English speakers do not have to provide any certificate. 

Specific requirements and information for CEEPUS, bilateral agreements and free-mover students

1) Student Application Form (mandatory form)

2) Certificate of registration/enrollment at home institution

3) Tuition fee (applies to guest students - freemovers only) is calculated based on the number of ECTS credits a student is enrolled in, where 1 ECTS equals 117 HRK (15,53 EUR).

Accommodation - general information

During your stay in Split you can find accommodation in either University-managed dormitories (limited availability) or private accommodation (mostly private apartments). Information on availability and application process for University-managed accommodation is available below, while information on private accommodation (if you don't prefer living in a dormitory or are not assigned a spot in one) can be found on the "Before you arrive" part of this website. 

Accomodation - specific information for ERASMUS+ mobilites

Accommodation capacity in University of Split (UNIST) student dormitories for students on ERASMUS+ students is limited hence the accommodation for all incoming ERASMUS+ programme students can not be guaranteed. Accommodation in student dormitories is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. However, students with severe disabilities will be given preference. To apply for accommodation, ERASMUS+ students need to fill Accommodation form. Before filling it in, carefully read all the information on the UNIST accommodation info page.  

Accommodation application deadlines:

  • For winter semester and whole-year mobilities: June 01st 
  • For summer semester only mobility: November 01st 

Accommodation - specific information for CEEPUS, bilateral and guest students

Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports directly arranges housing for their bilateral programmes and CEEPUS students.
ERASMUS+ partner* countries (KA 171) and guest (free movers) students are not entitled to student residence accommodation.

Application process - ERASMUS+ mobilities

  1. Application for both mobility and accommodation are submitted simultaneously through UNIST pages.

Application process - CEEPUS, and bilateral agreement mobilities

  1. Students contact FEBT International Coordinator with CEEPUS Letter of Acceptance, certificate of enrollment at home institution and list of the courses to be selected at FEBT (30 ECTS credits) 
  2. Students apply for financial support to CEEPUS 
  3. When support is granted, students contact FEBT International Coordinator 
  4. Accommodation is directly booked by CEEPUS Croatia. FEBT does not act as an intermediary in this process.