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While your stay in Split will likely begin a few days earlier, your stay at FEBT starts with the Welcome event - organized on the first day of the semester. However, as soon as you arrive you should sort out your residence permit. Information is available below.


At the Welcome event (email notification about time and place will be sent from the University office), students will be provided with:

Confirmation of arrival - if there is a home institution format document, students should bring it to the Welcoming event, 

- Student identity card (called X-card) - ERASMUS+, CEEPUS students, students of bilateral programmes of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and EU students - see section Living in Split, sub-section Food. Cost of the card is 7 €uro. Instruction for payment will be given at the event. 

- Account credentials for FEBT Email & Moodle access. The contact person for all queries related to Moodle and e-mail is FEBT IT Administrator - Mr Velimir Skroza, email: skroza@efst.hr  (office is located in the Annex building - 1st floor, office No. 121). Students having EDUROM access at the home institution should adjust settings on their devices before their arrival,

Confirmation of enrolment for public bus-card issuance and residence permit registration,

Lecture timetables will be emailed to students before the Welcoming Event. 

Please note that, regardless of the dates entered into the application documents, dates inserted into the Confirmation of arrival and departure are:

  • date of arrival is the first day the student has been present at the host institution for academic reasons (e.g. first course or welcoming event organised by the host institution)
  • date of departure is the last day the student has been present at the host institution for academic reasons (e.g. the last exam passed).

Students are strongly advised to observe this rule and make a note to the home institution coordinator before signing a ERASMUS+ grant agreement with the home institution.


OIB is a personal identification and tax number (in Croatian - Osobni Identifikacijski Broj). It is needed for getting EFST student ID and X-card issuance. Student will arrange his/her OIB n. before arrival (university will send instructions on how to apply).


According to the Croatian legislation, all foreign nationals (EU and non-EU) studying in Croatia must regulate their residence during their stay. Please note that regulated residence is the prerequisite for the issuance of Transcript of Records to students on mobility schemes at the end of the study period!

There are 2 types of residence permits:

-  up to 90 days permit (short-term) and

-  more than 90 days (temporary residence)

Upon arrival, non EU-students must report their short-term stay in Croatia to the Central Police Station. This report should be submitted within 48 hours (72 during the weekend) upon entering Croatia. The central police station is located in the Split City centre, at the following address: Trg Hrvatske Bratske Zajednice 9, ground floor. Office hours at the Central police station are Monday - Friday, 8.30 to 15.30 (14:30 during summer saving time). 

During application to residence permit is important to give OIB number (emailed to student before arrival) and state that it is issued before residence permit application. 

At least 8 days before a short-term residence permit expiring, all students (EU and non-EU) staying in Croatia more than 90 days should report their temporary stay for the purpose of studying at the above mentioned address. 

Information for application are published at the website of the Ministry of the Interior:

- for EU students 

- for non-EU students