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Student internship programme

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The student internship programme enables employers to engage students in daily business tasks.

Through this programme, the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism enables undergraduate and graduate students to take part in high-quality professional internships where they can apply their theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom and obtain valuable professional experience in their chosen area of specialization.
Currently, the Faculty has signed contracts with more than 80 organizations from the corporate and public sectors, as well as NGOs where students can do internships through service-learning. Every academic year, more than 120 undergraduate and graduate students participate in the internship programme. Participating in a professional internship allows students to establish professional contacts during their studies, which increases their ability for future employment.

Each study programme and concentration takes into account the various professional skills that are reflected in the job-related assignments that the student has to complete within the partner organization.
Join us as a partner in the student internship programme and together let's help students acquire practical knowledge.

Should you have any inquiries related to our student internship programme, send them directly to the Vice-Dean for Education, prof. Smiljana Pivčević (