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Azizbek Zaribdjanov, Uzbekistan

11. May 2021. | Testimonials
Azizbek Zaribdjanov, Uzbekistan

Assalomu alaykum! My name is Azizbek Zaribdjanov and I am from Uzbekistan where people are extremely friendly and extraordinary cultures, delicious food and historical and ancient landmarks which are surrounded by beautiful mountains, lands and deserts, on every single one of our 12 regions we have specific advantages where you can have unforgettable memories. 

I study in RTU University in Riga, Latvia (Organization and Management of International Economic Relations). I came to Split; an amazing city and I have been enjoying these wonderful times with my new international colleagues even though these are hard times for everyone. Before all of this, we had already travelled to the breath-taking waterfalls (Krka) and historical places and met unforgettable friendly local people, thanks to ESN organization simultaneously getting excited and spectacular moments with international Erasmus friends. Despite the quarantine I am strengthening and creating friendships from different points of the world such as Portugal, Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Macedonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Spain, Serbia, Abu Dhabi, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, India, Accra, Switzerland… and keeping these new friendships alive.

I am enthusiastically looking forward to see new beautiful places with my stupendous friends.