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Gabriele Cataldo, Italy

19. July 2021. | Testimonials
Gabriele Cataldo, Italy

I cried. You don't even imagine how much. Do you know how many times I asked myself whether enrolling in a master's degree course in English was the right decision?

But why am I doing this? - I repeated to myself hundreds of times. Did I really think I could learn English directly at the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism?

I faced language barriers during the lessons, the embarrassment of not being able to answer the teachers' questions, the challenges in studying. And then exams… the number of negative feelings I had…. But I kept studying… I studied to the end. I kept repeating the study materials for my classes dozens and dozens of times aloud. And in the evening, I studied English, always attached to the grammar book.

And then satisfaction! The exams passed and the grades begin to increase.Today I am here. In front of the Faculty building that is not mine. In a city that isn't mine. But perhaps it has been more mine than Palermo ever was. Today I am here, 7 exams later. Today I can say, I have graduated.

Thank you Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism. Thank you Split!