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Shokhrukh Shoberdiev, Uzbekistan

6. May 2021. | Testimonials
Shokhrukh Shoberdiev, Uzbekistan

Assalomu aleykum!

My name is Shokhrukh Shoberdiev (My friends call me Shoh) and I am from Uzbekistan which is full of kindness, extraordinary culture, historical and natural beauty. I am doing my Erasmus here despite that current COVID-19. I study in Riga Technical University (RTU) in the capital of Latvia, Riga. I major is Engineering Economics and Management in RTU and here I study at Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, Split.

The beginning of my Exchange period was super-super amazing. I made friends from many different countries in one day and now we are all together like a family. I had so much fun with my new family and it is hard to describe with words. About Split I can say many many things from friendly people to natural beauty of historic and modern places. As I am international student in Europe since 2018, I have come across any hard situation besides quarantine and virus panic. The Sun, Beaches, Beauty of Nature are things that I wanted to enjoy. We have been to Krka once and many times to Marjan hills, but I hope we will visit every touristic and natural places soon. I never regretted that I stayed here with my friends and now I am so happy that we can go out, travel and enjoy our rest of Erasmus. I and my friends are looking forward to see all the beautiful places in Croatia.