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Full title
User-oriented process (re)design and information systems modeling – a case of smart city services

Project duration
48 months (01.01.2018. - 31.12.2022.)

Croatian Science Foundation

Project budget
163.395,45 EUR

Principal investigator
Professor Maja Čukušić, PhD

Research group members
Prof. Mario Jadrić, PhD
Assoc. prof. Vinko Muštra, PhD
Tea Mijač, PhD
Dino Pavlić, PhD
Ivana Ninčević Pašalić, MSc
Prof. Željko Garača, PhD
Assoc. prof. Tihomir Orehovački, PhD

Project aims:

  1. Innovations in the planning and modelling practices of user-oriented information systems
  2. Active participation and increased satisfaction of users of information systems (whether in the private or public sector)
  3. Research and development partnerships related to the social challenges of the smart city concept
  4. Improving the quality, efficiency and acceptance of public services in the G2C/C2G environment.

Key deliverables:

  • New methodologies and models applicable in the private and public sectors, including: the methodology for user-oriented process (re)design, the framework for data-driven information system modelling and the development and validation of a number of G2C/C2G smart city models/services

Project website (available in Croatian only)