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Borrowing and returning of literature starting May 6, 2020

Borrowing and returning of literature starting May 6, 2020

From May 6, 2020, students are allowed to borrow and return books daily from 10 AM to 2 PM in room PR12 (left of south / main entrance of the building, ground floor, before the stairs leading to the library)

The following rules must be obeyed:

  • Students returning or borrowing literature must be announced via e-mail: (using your faculty email address)
  • The e-mail must include: student's last name, library membership card number, the exact list of literature to be returned, and the exact list of literature to be borrowed (if borrowing)
  • Students will be notified via email of the exact time of the arrival at the Faculty (exact day and HOUR).
  • Students who do not have an appointment will not be allowed to borrow / return the literature
  • At the time of your arrival at the Faculty, the books will already be prepared for you
  • Browsing the library is strictly prohibited, as well as modifying the literature list for loan on the spot. (reading room is closed; the work process is organized outside the premises of the Library)
  • Literature can be borrowed and returned only by presentating the Library membership card (do not bring indexes or other documents)
  • A maximum of 5 literary titles can be borrowed at a time
  • All borrowed titles must be returned within a maximum of 7 days. Otherwise, students will not be able to access the next term exams (due to the limited number of book copies and inability to use literature in the reading room)
  • According to the Public Health Institute instructions, all books must be "in isolation" 72 hours (3 days) upon return; for this reason, it may be that the book, which is marked as available for loan in the catalog, is not actually available for 3 days.

Students who have not yet borrowed from the Library of the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, Split and wish to borrow books must send the information via e-mail ( name, surname, address, mobile number, OIB, so that we can enroll and create membership card through which the literature is borrowed.

Please note to strictly follow the general rules of conduct (available here) in order to protect your own health, the health of your colleagues, as well as those of the faculty.

We look forward to seeing you again, even with the masks and just for 15 minutes max!
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