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Notice to students regarding exams

Notice to students regarding exams

Dear students,

Within the existing situation caused by the pandemic, and in accordance with the instructions of the Croatian Institute of Public Health and the Ministry of Science and Education, the exams in the first part of the summer exam period will be conducted in the form of distance learning.

The exam schedule is available at the Faculty's website.

Please note the following:

  • Follow the announcements available at the individual course page on the Moodle platform - no later than 24 hours before the exams. This is where you will find the announcements given by the teacher with the information on how to access the virtual classroom.
  • Instructions for students to use the ZOOM application are published at the Faculty's website. Read them in time, and make sure you don’t have technical difficulties in establishing a connection and accessing the exams (you can do this as soon as the teacher publishes the necessary information on the Moodle platform). The same goes for other tools (Skype, etc.)
  • If you have technical difficulties, please contact (using your official faculty email) the teacher and the vice dean prof. dr. sc. Pivac ( The deadline is no later than 12 hours before the exam start.
  • In the previous case, you will be provided with a place in one of the info labs of the Faculty, from where, under the supervision of the teacher, you will be able to freely access the exams.
  • If you come to the Faculty, please follow the general instructions of the epidemiologists (wear a mask and gloves, and follow all instructions after entering the Faculty).

Thank you for keeping up to date with the notifications and following the instructions.

We believe in your knowledge and wish you a lot of success in the upcoming exam period!

Your FEBT Split