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Faculty work hours - Update as of May 6, 2020.

Faculty work hours - Update as of May 6, 2020.

Dear students,

We truly hope you and your families are healthy and safe. We know you have been hard working all this time; it shows from your online activity, as well as your midterm success. We congratulate you on that.

Thank you for all your suggestions regarding online classes, that have made possible for us to jointly improve the teaching process in this, for all of us, a sudden, difficult and now evidently a long-standing situation.

The third phase of loosening the restriction measures has been announced, which also includes the faculties operation. However, loosening the restriction measures applies only to exceptional situations, ie clinical, laboratory and other exercises. Given that there are no such forms of teaching in our study programs, we continue with the online classes.


  • Teaching, teacher’s office hours, assessments, thesis defences, etc. continue to take place online.
  • Cafes and restaurants do not work, as well as the library reading room.
  • As of May 6, 2020, students may come to the Faculty ONLY to collect / return literature and / or use the Student Desk Info Desk.

If you are coming to the Faculty, the following rules must be obeyed:

  • The arrival must be announced via email or phone to the Student Services or to the Library and state exactly what you need. You will be provided with the exact date (day, hour) of arrival; maximum stay at the premises is 15 minutes
  • You are to wear a face mask and gloves
  • Use only the south (main) entrance, the north one will be closed
  • At the entrance, disinfect your shoes and your hands
  • Keep distance from other people; outside the Faculty at least 1m, inside the building at least 2m
  • On arrival, you are to sign a statement stating that you did not have a temperature of 37.00 ºC or higher that day, that you did not have any symptoms that would indicate a coronavirus or respiratory illness, that (to your knowledge) you did not come in contact with a patient with this virus, and that you are not in isolation / quarantine (prepared statements will be waiting for you at the Info Desk and at the Library Desk)
  • Don't come earlier; upon completion of the work, leave the building immediately; do not group inside and / or outside the Faculty

Please DO NOT come to the Faculty without an urgent need. Let's not forget the basic recommendations of the National Civil Protection Office on maintaining physical distance, hand hygiene, etc.

The Library's detailed instructions on borrowing and returning literature can be found here.
Detailed instructions on using the Student Info Desk can be found here.

Yours sincerely,
EFST @ home