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Lifelong learning represents the learning process to gain new or to improve the existing knowledge, skills and abilities, in order to be more efficient in adaptation to the labour market as well as the new challenges and life circumstances.

The role of the Faculty as an institution of higher education is not only in education and professional development of individuals, but also in emphasizing the importance of lifelong education and raising the awareness of people about it.


Education is the fundamental "capital" of modern society, and lifelong education is a key factor in economic development and progress and a condition for building a knowledge-based society.

Economic goals are most commonly linked to the concept of lifelong learning, such as achieving greater competitiveness and flexibility in the labour market and permanent employment of an individual, including the development of their own job or creating their own workplace. Equally important goals, however, are the development of an individual's potential, which contributes to his / her self-confidence and personal satisfaction, enabling an active role of an individual in society.

Lifelong learning now becomes the guiding principle for the development of education in general and professional development. Our desire is for Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism to participate in this process and to act constructively and creatively for the benefit of our employees, students, citizens and society as a whole.

The Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism offers various forms of lifelong learning (formal / informal) programs in accordance with the Adult Education Act http://narodne-novine.nn.hr/clanci/sluzbeni/2007_02_17_668.html  (Article 3, paragraphs 2, 3 4 and 5).

At the end of life it is so irrelevant
what we have experienced
but so important
what we made from those experiences.

Wilhelm von Humboldt
(scientist and politician)