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1. At the top in terms of high-quality research production in the Republic of Croatia
According to research visibility, five researchers from the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism are among Top 15 most cited economists coming from higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia (source: Web of Science)

2. Continuous emphasis on excellence
During the last institutional re-accreditation, the Faculty was awarded with the highest rating in the category of faculties that offer study programmes in Business, Economics and Tourism in the Republic of Croatia (source: Agency for Science and Higher Education)

3. Nine university and professional study programmes at the undergraduate and graduate levels
The Faculty offers a total of five undergraduate programmes, of which three are at the university level (Economics, Business Studies and Tourism) and two are at a professional level (Small Enterprise Management and Tourism Operations) with appropriate concentrations within each. At the graduate level, the Faculty offers three study programmes at the university level (Economy, Business Studies and Tourism) and one at the professional level (Project Management).

4. The possibility of internships in more than 82 companies, public institutions and NGOs
In 2016, the Faculty launched the Student Internship Programme and signed contracts with 82 partners from private, public and civil society organizations with which our students can undertake professional internships.

5. The possibility of international mobility at over 50 foreign-partner HEIs
Currently, the Faculty has signed international cooperation agreements that enable the international mobility of teachers and students to more than 50 higher education and scientific institutions abroad.

6. Participation in EU-funded programmes and projects - ESF, Erasmus + and others
The Faculty and its researchers are particularly active in research work as seen by their participation in a large number of projects supported by EU funds (e.g., ESF and ERDF - Interreg) and programmes (Erasmus +)

7. Student Entrepreneurship Center
In 2009, the Student Entrepreneurship Center was established through which various extracurricular workshops and guest lectures are organized for students who wish to further develop their business and entrepreneurial skills.

8. Student Entrepreneurial Incubator (SEI)
Since 2015, the Student Entrepreneurial Incubator (SEI) has been open to all students of the University of Split who want to develop their entrepreneurial ideas through various workshops and with mentor support.

9. Member of CESEENET PhD Network
The Faculty is included in doctoral studies network Central and South-Eastern Europe (CESEENET)

10. Organizing the bi-annual international conference Challenges of Europe
For more than two decades, the Faculty has been organizing an international scientific conference, Challenges of Europe, which annually features from 150 to 200 researchers from various parts of the world who present the results of their scientific research. The conference also hosts lectures by eminent scientists and Nobel Prize laureates from economics, business economics and tourism.

11. Publishing the international journal Management: Journal of Contemporary Management Issues
The Faculty is the publisher of the scientific journal Management: Journal of Contemporary Management Issues which is indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.

12. Established the Centre for Service Learning
Since 2018, the Center for Service Learning has been funded by the European Social Fund and the Faculty is becoming a pioneer among other Faculties in the Republic of Croatia in the application of service learning in the teaching process and student internships.