In today’s globalized economy, tourism represents of the most important and most promising sectors for Croatia and the European Union as a whole. Moreover, for decades, tourism has been shown to be one of the key generators of the growth of the Croatian economy, especially its coastal area. International and domestic forecasts and trends unanimously predict that this trend will continue in the near future. These arguments give a solid justification for this programme which has the goal of educating professionals who will deal with this crucial economic activity.

Therefore, the undergraduate university programme in Tourism enables students to acquire the knowledge and skills that will contribute to their effective employment in numerous organizations that are constituents of the tourism sector, whether destination management organizations, hotel chains, tour operators, or tourist agencies.

Duration: 3 years
ECTS credits: 180
Enrollment requirements:
  • completed four-year high school
  • passed state matura exam (high school leaving state exams)
    • Croatian Language - higher level
      or Native language for EU citizens
    • English language - higher level
      if english is native language than first foreign language will be taken into account
    • Mathematics - basic level
Study cycle: undergraduate university study programme
Curricula: List of courses
intended learning outcomes:


  • Concisely and reasonably present positions, insights, and ideas, as well as problems and solutions, to experts and lay people
  • Analyse economic / business issues in tourism by applying quantitative methods and ICT
  • Develop communication and cooperation in different work / business situations in domestic and international environments
  • Independently solve economic / business issues by respecting the principles of ethics and social responsibility


  • Analyse the basic aspects of the behaviour of manufacturers and consumers on the market
  • Analyse the overall economic activity of the national economy of a single country
  • Examine the basic functions and processes in the field of the management of economic operators
  • Analyse the practical aspects of the way the Croatian economy functions
  • Analyse the characteristics and elements of the tourism system
  • Identify the interrelationships of tourism with economic, socio-cultural and physical environments
  • Identify the financial, marketing, operational and legal particularities in the business of economic operators in tourism
Field of study intended learning outcomes:

Hospitality management

  • Analyse the specifics of business operations of hotels and other hospitality operators
  • Organise and lead the business activities of an operational level
  • Establish the indicators for hotel operations and business-improvement activities

Management in tourism

  • Analyse the system of tourism destinations and their specificities
  • Identify the methods and indicators of monitoring the effects of tourism on the development of a destination
  • Analyse the processes and activities of the integral management of a destination
  • Suggest appropriate ways of using destination resources
Future studies: By completing the undergraduate university study program, a student can continue studies at graduate level university programme (upon completion of which he or she will obtain Masters degree) or other graduate programmes at this or other faculty or university at home or abroad, with possible obilgaition to enroll in additional courses arising from the specifics of the different programs as prescribed by the university or faculty acts.
Title acquired: academic title Bachelor of economics