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This course covers selected topics on Economics of Innovation. It helps students to answer the most common questions about economic aspects of innovations: Why do firms innovate and why do they strive to be first in a race of research and development? How can employees be motivated to produce innovative outputs? How innovative ideas spread and foster creation of a new knowledge? How intellectual property of innovators is protected and what are the costs and scope of such protection? Where can innovative start-up firms get money to finance their projects?

The contents of this course are based on insights from macro and microeconomics, contract theory and corporate finance.

Main instructor of the course is Prague based (Taras Hrendash, M.A., Ph.D. cand.), while students of the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, Split will be co-instructed by prof. Bruno Ćorić from the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, Split. The classes will be followed in the classroom at the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, Split along with local instructor of the individual course.

Classes will start on November 1 and will last till December 10, 2021.

Take a look at the detailed syllabus of the course.

To take part at this course please fill in the electronic application by October 15th, 2021 by 12:00 h (noon).

For all additional information contact us at cjelozivotno@efst.hr or call +385 21 430 651.