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The student’s residence hall and hostel “Dr. Franjo Tuđman” has over 300 rooms. 6 rooms are equipped for disabled persons. 

Rooms are double bedrooms (278) and single bedrooms (55), each with its own bathroom. There are 3 kitchens and 10 classrooms intended for learning and socializing. 2 outdoor sport courts and 1 indoor court as well as 1 excellently equipped fitness gym offer every guest a possibility of quality recreation.

In the same building you can find a charming café “Tinel”, perfect for moments of break, and a self-service restaurant with two self- service lines and a pastry shop. In front of the building there is a large parking space.

For the practical necessities, a bank and a mini market are located in the vicinity of the building. 
The hostel is a perfect place for organizing conferences, seminars and various banquets. 

Due to the proximity of the town centre and quality of its services, the hostel “Dr. Franjo Tuđman” fits right into the tourist map of the region.


Rooms specification


1/1 room with air conditioning

265,00 kn

1/2 room with air conditioning (per person)

195,00 kn

1/1 room without air conditioning

210,00 kn

1/2 room without air conditioning (per person)

160,00 kn

1/1 apartment

380,00 kn

1/2 apartment

265,00 kn




35,00 kn


50,00 kn


45,00 kn


Calculation for the period from 3 to 9 September 2017:

Double room with air conditioning + breakfast = 1,422.00 kn or approximately 191.36 euros
Double room with air conditioning without breakfast= 1,212.00 kn or approximately 163 euros




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