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Vol.1. No.1.



Journal of Contemporary Management Issues
Vol.1. No.1. (1996.)

Table of Contents


M. Buble
Transition Processes of Organizational Structures in Large Enterprises
S. Goić
Attitudes to the Market System (Market Economy) among Students of Economics
I. Pavić
Multicriterial Analysis and Selection of the Wage Payment System
V. Belak
The Cost Management Model of an Industrial Firm in the Year 2000
N. Nikolić
The Role of Management in the Commercial Banking in Croatia
Đ. Borozan
S. Pfeifer
An Insight into Presumptions of Decision Theories
Lj. Vidučić
Empirical Evidence of Capital Budgeting Differences in Large and Smaller Firms
Ž. Dulčić
How the New Croatian Entrepreneurs Formulate and Implement Business Strategy
Case Study: Hotel "Medena" Plc. Seget (Trogir)